The new look and feel of QMO!

The newly redone (aka QMO), has just rolled out and got a newer and cleaner facelift to the site.   Spearheaded by our very own Aakash Desai and the contribution of work and ideas from many others, we hope version 2.0 of the site will encourage more exposure and usage of those who have an interest in what Mozilla products testing means.   If you are already familiar with the previous version of QMO, you should feel right at home while navigating through the site.   Here are some of the highlights of the site, described in the post by Aakash:

  • An introduction to Mozilla QA video
  • WordPress CMS
  • Landing pages for Mozilla Product Teams
  • Simplified Document Tree view
  • Planet QA blog feed
  • Shortcuts to Twitter / Facebook / RSS feeds

And of course, we continue to reorganize documentation, maintain QA events in the calendar view, and of course you can interact directly in the #qa irc channel directly via mibbit.   So give it a trial run and let us know what you think!